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Pivot’s experienced team of designers, engineers, and manufacturing professionals shares a passion to innovate. Pivot has become a trusted resource for originating new product ideas or reinventing products to meet today’s trends and requirements. Our ideation process is uniquely developed to continuously consider design feasibility, manufacturing capabilities, reliability, and cost.  







R&D plays a crucial role in Pivot’s product development process. Exploring and implementing new technologies, materials, and manufacturing processes can provide our clients with a competitive edge. Our design, prototyping, and partnerships allow us to take our research to hands-on evaluation quickly and effectively.







Pivot goes beyond aesthetics. Our industrial designers  implement features, functions, and forms that will inspire the user's emotional connection to the product. Specifically, the design team brainstorms, sketches, renders, and prototypes based on the study of the client's brief, consumer needs, market analysis, available technologies, and manufacturing feasibility.







Product engineering constructs a complete picture of a product from initial sketch to production. Our engineers are experienced and knowledgeable in materials, mechanisms, simulation, electro-mechanical systems, CAD modeling, prototyping, tooling, and production. Pivot engineers manage the entire project. This ensures the intent of the design is realized as an innovative, robust product in the hands of consumers.






Prototypes validate a design and provide powerful insights at all levels of the product's evolution. We use prototypes early on in the development cycle and have skills to produce simple to very complex models. We possess in-house prototyping capabilities that allow us to act quickly and shorten lead times. Options include mechanical models, visual models (foam or solid), 3D printed models, Works Like / Looks Like models, prototype tooling, custom electronics, validation testing, and small volume prototype runs.






Pivot has long-standing electronics partners that can be seamlessly incorporated into the development process. With our partners, Pivot has developed custom ICs, provided circuit design, and can offer overall program development. We have developed and incorporated custom electronics in a variety of products, which include toys, interactive games, personal care devices, cosmetics, medical devices, appliances, POP/POS displays, and packaging. With the explosion of technology in today's world, custom electronics can allow a product to stand out in the market.






Pivot partners with numerous tool manufacturers to provide sophisticated and high-quality prototype and production tools to our clients. The implementation of a total digital pipeline using CAD, CAM, and CNC allows us to produce complex tools with high accuracy and short timelines. Engineers from both Pivot and the tool manufacturers are fully integrated during the tool design stage to ensure that all design and product requirements are satisfied.






Pivot has developed a large network of overseas suppliers with expertise in a variety of manufacturing disciplines. Our relationships are leveraged in the prototyping phases of a project to expedite lead times. We have also developed and managed entire supply chains for mass production. Additionally, Pivot can support component sourcing for our clients to reduce product costs and lead times.






Pivot has well-established, long-term manufacturing partners with a scalable workforce. These partners are qualified by Pivot for their capability, capacity, quality, and social compliance. Our core manufacturing processes include injection molding, blow molding, vacuum forming, die casting, machining, metal forming, and plating. We also specialize in various decoration methods and assembly techniques.







Total customer satisfaction is essential to the business success of Pivot. We are committed to a quality system that ensures all products meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. To realize the goal of delivering high quality products, Pivot has instituted a system that is focused on designing for quality, setting the right standards for manufacturing process control, and qualifying the products in real time.







Pivot can cater to a variety of testing needs with in-house equipment in addition to external accredited testing facilities. Our manufacturing partners provide initial product testing to verify designs are operating as intended. Once a product launches, we design and manage long-term testing plans to ensure continued product quality.

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In order to save clients time and money, Pivot can simulate early designs to get a read on performance without needing to wait for test ready parts. Our simulation capabilities include fluid flow, temperature evaluation, and load studies. After building a model, we quickly update materials, input parameters, or geometry to understand critical factors affecting the design goals.

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